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Products and Services

We can supply a stunning range of event products and installation services that will support the most carbon savvy of brands. We’re proud to design, produce and install event graphics, displays, signage and exhibitor booths for global leaders in the sustainable business events sector. Here’s why we’re their supplier of choice …


Award-winning Graphic and ECO EVENT Credentials:-

We create design led, sustainable events graphics, exhibition booths and signage  that make any brand stand out from the crowd.
  • All light sources used in our products are LED energy efficient.
  • Insite products  can be up-cycled, recycled  or repurposed.
  • We use  FSC wood or aluminium frames  that can be recycled or  used multiple times.
  • Water-based or  Green Guard inks are utilised for printing.
  • Products are created using recycled or sustainably sourced  paper and fabrics .
  • We are dedicated to carbon offsetting and work with  clients to  reduce their carbon footprint.
  • We utilise energy efficient  vehicles and delivery methods.
  • All  our products  may be recycled into fuel for clean community  energy.
  • We have sustainable products for every budget. Have a look at our ‘Buy To Keep’ range for smaller budgets.  
All our graphics are printed, checked and packed by us in-house. We control quality throughout the process and can accommodate late printing of floor plans, table placings and seminar timetables.