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Did you know that 90% alternatives for your stand graphics will end up in landfill after only one use.  We’re proud to be the UK’s biggest sustainable exhibitor graphics supplier with a choice of more environmentally friendly graphics.

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ECO Fabtex, The story began with the development of the first Brighbox, a backlit advertising system using printed fabric.

Organisers were seeking improvements in wayfinding, and using the backlighting printed fabric of Brightbox it made the signs easier to distinguish from other show furniture in the venues, and Brightfinder was born, once it went into production and was deployed it also offered some additional environmental benefits.

Using tensioned, printed fabrics, that are lit from the back by low energy light sources, and with a reusable aluminium frame, they rapidly became a popular addition to shows.

How did it come about? What was the need?

An innovation in wayfinding:
Insite Graphics had been using PVC panels (Foamex) in the same way that every event graphics company does, the company was seeking to find a method of increasing their visibility within busy exhibition and conference environments. Whilst searching for a product to evolve started out as an intention to create a new option for organisers re signage & wayfinding.

The original premise was to create backlit signs to satisfy this requirement and after experimenting with numerous media, fabric gave not only the best results but it also introduced the option to select a fabric that could have significant environmental benefits by removing the phthalates emitted by burning PVC.

What did it help you achieve? What were the results. Please provide the evidence,

Developing a new product:

The new wayfinding and directional sign system reduces the volume of PVC entering the waste stream from these signs to zero. All wayfinding signage from Insite Graphics is now printed fabric, removing all PVC from the company’s waste stream. The new product has created an impetus to push recycling to the fore as the business works towards ISO 14001, the targets now being set are 50% recycled in 2019, 70% in 2020, 90% in 2021.

Benefits of fabric:
Fabric has intrinsic benefits over PVC and board, it is less prone to damage during transportation, increasing its reuse-ability, it is lighter and easier to transport and easy to store. This, in turn, allows the use of smaller vehicles to transport them to venues and for international shows it has been possible to transport the graphics using two vans rather than an articulated lorry, reducing cost and emissions.

The printed fabric, whose calorific value can be recovered at the end of its life, cleanly burning to ash at 2% of its original volume, reduces a show’s waste output and pollution footprint. The aluminium frames are reusable (85% of all aluminium is already in a close recycling loop).

What was the commercial result?

The business impact:
The product range has been used for all wayfinding in over 100 events since its introduction in April 2018, it has entirely removed PVC and board from the Insite product range and has precipitated a 10% uplift in revenue, firmly establishing it as a major part of the product portfolio from Insite Graphics.

The next steps:

Insite is also offering an option to dispose of fabrics at the end of their lifespan on behalf of organisers, providing an additional revenue stream for the business and making it easier for the organisers to manage their post show waste streams.

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