Since establishing Insite Graphics in 2001, owners James Winzar & Chris Berrisford are still very much involved in day to day operations.
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Chris Berrisford

Director and Co-founder
07885 464474
Chris is a sprint race dweller with an affinity for punk rock and fine dining. He rides Subarus and skies with trepidation. Enjoys working across Europe but always prefers London. Proudly colours his hair. His favourite Pantone is 190 C.
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Mark Wilson

Account Director
07779 728448
Mark handles all the official business, guiding each project along its flightpath with care, optimism, and just a bit of sass. Brompton nerd, film buff, pompey person. He can tell your fortune, be your bodyguard, and be your long-lost pal.
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Ray Baxter

Commercial Director
07985 523437
Ray is amicable chap in his mid 50’s that still has a zest for life, has a passion for Vespa Scooters, Chelsea Football Club and Harley Davidson’s, before joining the events industry Ray had a varied career that included being a used car salesman and a restaurant manager, notable moment to date are once piloting a 1930’s biplane and working in a traveling circus – which all bodes well for working at Insite Graphics
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Hannah Logan

Sales Manager
07970 568042
Hannah is an Exhibitor marketing Jedi and a cake maker at the University of Kingsley. She is a passionate graphics thinker and storyteller who enjoys rowing, gardening and geeking over a great cup of coffee.
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Holly Keeping

Account Manager
07716 852448
Holly is a designer and artworker from a town in Hounslow you’ve never heard of. An equal lover of Justin Bieber and Timberlake, She fully subscribes to the “don’t mess with me, stupid” principle.
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Ruth Conway

Event Manager
07764 495658
She spends part of her days wondering how to combine her two loves, comic books and easter eggs. The rest of her time she spends trying to design killer method statements.
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Ryan Clifford

Senior Installation Manager
07584 623600
Ryan has almost been a golfing professional for over eighteen years, and is very keen on chilli sauce. Ryan has a spiritual aura, with fast squeegee tekkers. A pub quiz generalist with a passion for pot noodles.
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Cosmin Vlad

Senior Production Manager
Cosmin calls himself “a print guru extraordinaire,” and we refer to him “a horse whisperer for large format.” Cosmin also creates dance shows. His dance work has been performed on all the major Romanian television networks.
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Robert Homes

Production Assistant
Strategic, multidisciplinary fabric finishing wizard with an eye for pixel perfection. His wish is to combine his knowledge and experience of Tour de France, with his 42,000 blog subscribers. He doesn’t loves fabric softener.
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Iliyan Iliev

Iliyan is an award winning and highly skilled painter. Grey hair distinguishes him from the others in his field of expertise. He is determined to uncover the secrets of how quantum physics effect people and companies communicate.
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Karl Finney