Wooden it be nice?

Yes, as the Beach Boys’ sang, ‘wooden it be nice’ to see some creative use being made of wood in the exhibitions halls of our industry? EuroShop 2017 was, in that regard, very nice. There was wood deployed across the halls in just about every conceivable role, from flooring to walls, and structures to design[…]

Being a good sport

James Winzar, managing director of Insite Graphics, says a team that communicates well can become greater than the sum of its parts. Working in the field of large format print for events and exhibitions is as much a people business as it is a production business, and that means it’s crucial for all of our[…]

The future is fabulous and it’s fabric

Bright, clean and crisp images, vibrant colours, and completely seamless graphics are now here. Tensioned fabric systems for exhibition stands, events and displays are the latest offering from Insite Graphics and they are quick to install, simple to put together, lightweight and immensely versatile. Fabric has many  attractive qualities as a printed medium, fabrics are[…]