September 17, 2016

Environmental Policy

Environmental Commitment

We have an Environmental Policy Statement which adheres to standards set by ISO14001 which is implemented by the Directors.

  • We proactively work to reduce our impact on the environment by advising clients how to make best use of printed materials over digital media
  • We add value to printed media to ensure it is used to its best abilities and encourage end-users to recycle it where possible
  • We stock recycled paper and FSC accredited paper products which comes from sustainably managed forests

Our internal environmental issues and solutions are identified below:

  • Energy saving devices built in to our production equipment and PC’s
  • Low energy fluorescent lighting
  • Low heating requirement in well insulated premises; leading to easily managed consistent temperature range required to keep the presses and paper stocks at their optimum
  • We recycle paper and cardboard waste through a specialist waste stream along with general ‘recyclables’

Environmental Policy Statement

Insite Marketing Solutions is a marketing solutions company. We are dedicated to making our business sustainable and minimising its effects on the environment.

The directors and staff are committed to managing the environmental impacts of their business on the environment, and strive to prevent pollution, minimise carbon emissions, and reduce waste arising from our own activities and those of our suppliers and customers, wherever possible.

The company demonstrates its commitment to becoming more sustainable by monitoring and improving our energy and raw materials consumption, and have a target of sending zero waste to landfill. We are committed to developing an Environmental Management System in line with the requirements of ISO 14001, and we continually review and improve our environmental management performance.

We ensure that our business complies with applicable legal requirements, and we are committed to preventing any potential environmental pollution arising from our activities.

We inform all employees and contractors of their responsibilities in the execution of our environmental policy and ensure that sufficient resources and training are made available for its effective implementation.

We work with our customers, supply chain, and other stakeholders to create sustainable marketing and print solutions that minimise environmental impact.

Wherever possible, we look to source raw materials, products and services from companies with sound environmental credentials.

We are committed to improving our environmental performance, and review our policy on a yearly basis to set new targets and objectives.