January 22, 2020


Graphics that maximise event opportunity and minimise environment impact.

Important Issues

Our business faces many challenges and opportunities. Due to their direct impact on us and our stakeholders we have prioritized the following issues that need to be addressed: Sustainable materials, sustainable travel, energy efficient transportation & effective recycling.

Commitment and Scope

– This policy will apply to all of our activities in the preparation, production, delivery & removal of event graphics.

– We acknowledge that we have limited influence over the purchasing decisions of our clients.

However, we commit to communicating our policy and offering a high quality and competitively priced variety of graphic options that uphold our commitments to running a sustainable business with a focus on environmental responsibility.

Objectives / We commit to:

– Maintaining an inventory of sustainable event graphics that are competitively priced and provide a valid alternative to less sustainable graphic options. We commit to ensuring that every client is aware of these options and educated about where sustainable swaps can be made.

– Reducing our use of non-recyclable PVC and difficult to recycle foam boards by 10% in 2020-2021

– Increasing our use of sustainable fabric graphics by 10% in 2020-2021

– We will designate 4 ‘no fly’ events. Our management team and crew will travel by train or in the cabs of our freight vehicles. We will increase this to 6 events in 2021.

– Joining a carbon neutral scheme to offset the fuel used by our vehicles of Euro 6 compliant vehicles

– Rooting our business in the local community by adding a local charity or project to our business charitable giving.


For larger events we will produce a short Sustainability Report to give our clients data regarding the changes we have made to the production of their event graphics. Going forward we will be able to draw comparisons year on year.