September 15, 2016


Insite Graphics is a large format print specialist that designs, produces, delivers and installs world-class graphics to a global client list of events, exhibitions, conferences and event organisers.

Our well equipped, facility in London enables it to offer extremely fast turnaround times and large volumes using a huge variety of techniques and substrates including dye sublimation and fabrics.

Innovation in event signage for over 19 years

Insite Graphics’ continuous investment in both capacity and research and development means it can comfortably accommodate simultaneous, large scale peaks in demand for the design, production and installation of technologically demanding print.

The Insite Graphics team embodies a wealth of experience from both inside and outside the world of print, enabling it to devise practical, fiercely imaginative graphics products to fulfil every conceivable brief, from signage at small conferences to large format exhibition graphics and beyond. Based in the heart of London and operating internationally, Insite Graphics is well placed to deliver its services to your event wherever it may be.

  • Our services include design, print, delivery, installation and disposal
  • Established in 2001 our production facility is based in central London (SW17)
  • Still owned by the two founding partners Chris Berrisford & James Winzar
  • We have a totally unique range of display, sponsorship and wayfinding signage options
  • We work to very tight deadlines
  • Our team will help you plan and produce the right look and feel for your event.
  • Our projects vary from designing a table plan to supplying an entire expo.

Meet the team

Innovations and firsts… Read about our journey here:

Proudly independent, Insite Graphics is one of the most innovative exhibition print specialists in the UK, and is constantly researching and devising new exhibition print products, services and techniques for its growing client base. Taking inspiration from other sectors like retail, Insite Graphics, has used its considerable expertise in exhibition print to identify clear needs for arresting, eye catching signage and branding, and developed new solutions to meet them.

In 2001 Insite was the first exhibition print company to bring lightboxes into exhibitions. Although the first units were repurposed advertising lightboxes, Insite Graphics has worked closely with the manufacturers for over 15 years, refining and improving the product with high definition fabric prints, LED lighting and modular enclosures. Today’s incarnation of those first lightboxes, the Insite Brightbox, is thinner, sharper, brighter and more portable than any of its predecessors, and has now become a common sight at British and European exhibitions and conferences for ‘you are here’ boards, floorplans and event branding purposes.

Innovation is central to Insite Graphic’s success, and is borne of a drive to make signage, sponsorship and large format print work harder, and achieve more, for Insite’s customers, especially exhibition organisers. This has led Insite to create entirely new display systems, invest hundred of thousands of pounds in state-of-the-art printing technology, and develop unique service offerings, all of which enable the company to widen the expectations of what’s possible with exhibition print.

By investing in the latest print technology, Insite has prioritised innovation and the development of new products and techniques to improve, enhance and even revolutionise exhibition print. Insite’s investment in a large format, high definition, dye sublimation fabric printer has allowed it to develop new display systems and to exploit the many advantages of fabric over paper or film print. Realising that fabric prints tend to be lighter and more resilient than prints onto foamboard, and that they can be printed seamlessly at almost any size, Insite has invented a whole range of fabric exhibition print products.

Using high definition dye sub fabric printing, Insite has created a range of pop-up displays and banners, as well as shell-scheme graphics systems that outperform their non-fabric competitors. Fabric prints can be created to arbitrary lengths and can be stretched over custom frames to create taut, smooth, damage resistant graphics that are every bit as vibrant as their traditional counterparts, but lighter and easier to handle. Insite has used this technology to create a ‘Conference in a Case’ package for international conference exhibitors. The ‘Conference in a Case’ comprises a graphics and branding kit that has been specifically designed to be carried on aircraft as luggage, rather than transported as freight, and packs down into a single case with wheels for simplified transit.

Insite’s recent investment in the UK’s first Canon Océ Arizona 2260 XT flatbed UV inkjet printer is a move squarely rooted in Insite’s ambition to continue its record in innovation. The Arizona brings with it new capabilities including opaque white ink printing. The printer, which can print onto substrates up to 50mm thick, opens up a universe of possibilities for exhibition print, from signage and branding to glass manifestation effects.

Insite has also innovated new exhibition branding opportunities with its graphic wrapped columns and brand mobile phone charging towers, both featuring integral display screens showing content developed from its customers print designs.

Even in its service provision, Insite is driven to innovate – the most notable example being Insite Onsite, the firm’s answer to the last minute changes that are so common at exhibitions. At the organisers request, Insite can deploy a fully capable design and production studio into any available space at an exhibition. Insite Onsite permits the quick production of graphics at the show, facilitating changes to running orders, changes in signage and any last minute graphics needed by the organiser for the show or its exhibitors.

Insite has shown that innovation is essential to being a leader in exhibition print, and that it devotes considerable resources to ensuring that it has the capability to create new, unique and often mould-breaking products and services for its clients.