The future is fabulous and it’s fabric

Bright, clean and crisp images, vibrant colours, and completely seamless graphics are now here. Tensioned fabric systems for exhibition stands, events and displays are the latest offering from Insite Graphics and they are quick to install, simple to put together, lightweight and immensely versatile.

Fabric has many  attractive qualities as a printed medium, fabrics are rapidly becoming the material of choice for retractable banner stands, hanging banners, free-floating backdrops, and even adhesive-backed versions for wall and window murals, the list of applications is practically endless. And, one of the most successful applications is tensioned fabric graphic displays.

So, what makes tensioned fabric so special, here’s out six stand out reasons:

1. The spectacle

The bigger the image the bigger the impact. And with tensioned fabric, you can have huge, seamless graphics, whose size is only limited by the frame over which it’s stretched. Being able to sew panels together means that there are no unsightly interruptions in the crisp images on the fabric.

Printing onto fabric now boasts the ability to create vibrant and intense graphics, colour matched and in the sharpest detail. Using dye sublimation printing makes our printed fabrics rich in colour and able to be colour matched for that perfect brand image replication, time and again.

Because the fabric is under tension there are no unsightly creases or wrinkles to distract from the image giving an flawless graphic image from edge to edge.

2. The versatility

Tensioned fabric graphics are incredibly versatile, they can be free standing or wall mounted and anything in between. We’ve rigged them to hand from venue ceilings and created huge step and repeat walls for red carpet events.

Because the fabric is tensioned over lightweight aluminium frames the whole thing is quick to assemble and it’s very lightness makes it ideal for use in areas where it might not be possible to deploy a traditional graphic solution. Frames can be mounted almost anywhere – walls, doors or suspended from ceilings providing the utmost versatility.

By using shaped and curved frames, or a base plate, the frames can be self supporting and covered with the printed fabric making them completely free standing units. The frames can have fabric covering on one or both sides, making either dual purpose and completely hiding the aluminium frame.

If they are being used in areas where light may shine through and cause shadowing from the image on the reverse, the fabric can have a blackout coating applied to the inside surface making it completely impermeable to light.

3. The ease of use

Aluminium and fabric are both very light components and make up almost all of a tensioned fabric display. This makes it easy to transport and assemble, reducing the need for specialist personnel and equipment, unless the site and installation make it a little more complex. Tin this case one of our highly trained team will be happy to make a site inspection and offer recommendations as well as a full installation and de rig proposal.

Because the frames are just that, frames, with fabric covering, it means that when disassembled they pack away into quite a small space for easy transportation and storage, which also means that there are not large delicate sheets of easily damaged graphics

4. The environmental impact

Traditional display graphics require specialist disposal and not all of it is environmentally friendly, the aluminium frames are 100% recyclable and the fabric can be disposed of easily and cleanly. Because of the lightweight the mounting can be done with the minimum of impact on the location, leaving very little waste. The aluminium frame is infinitely reusable and all that needs to change is the printed graphic to provide a brand new look, feel and message.

The lightweight nature of tensioned fabric graphics means they are easy to transport. Systems designed to be put up by the customer come in their own cases to ease movement.

5. The expandability

Because tensioned fabric graphic systems by their very nature modular, there are almost limitless options to combine multiple units to create a larger whole. This flexibility protects your investment by allowing you to expand your display options. The display options can grow with your needs or as far as your imagination can stretch.

6. The limitless possibilities

We have used tensioned fabric systems to create exhibition stands, conference branding, backdrops, handing features, column wraps, stand alone spaces, mini booths, retail displays, delegate registration areas, signage and wayfinding, and many more. If you would like to explore how tensioned fabric graphics can work for you call us.